University of Applied Sciences goes international

NHL University of Applied Sciences has an active internationalisation policy and aims to integrate it in all its study programmes.

Our students are trained to act as professionals in a globalising world. The NHL stimulates international contacts between study programmes, lecturers and students. These can be in the form of guest lectures, study visits, exchanges, foreign work placements or joint programmes and projects.

Every year, NHL University of Applied Sciences welcomes approximately two hundred international students.


The common language at the NHL is Dutch, but all of our employees speak English. Consequently, we are able to cooperate with foreign partners and welcome them to our university. In addition, the NHL has a growing number of minors that have English as the language of instruction. This offers international students the opportunity to follow these courses.

International students can volunteer

International students at the NHL can volunteer to help at the biggest annual event in Leeuwarden - the Leeuwarden Street Festival. During this three-day international event, students will be able to assist the organisers and be part of a complex multidisciplinary organisation. The students will work together with the international artists to support their performance and guide them through the festival.