Practical information

When you move to a different country for study, there are lots of things to arrange. Where will you live? What sort of insurance do you need? The International Office guides you through this process.

Immigration procedures for non-EU students

In most cases students from outside the European Union need a visa and/or a residence permit. On this site you can check which formalities you need to take care of before travelling to the Netherlands. After you have been accepted, the NHL International Office will send you all the necessary information and also help you with the procedures. If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to:

Formalities for EU/EEA students

EU/EEA and Swiss students do not need a visa or residence permit. All you need is a valid passport or a valid national identity card, health insurance and enough money. If you are staying for more than 5 months you will need to register yourself as an inhabitant of the municipality where you are staying. Due to the regulations of IND (Dutch Immigration Services), students with a Dutch residence permit have to obtain at least 50% of the possible credits per year. Less credits without a excusable reason will lead to a loss of the right of residence in The Netherlands.

Health insurance

Dutch laws require everyone living in the Netherlands to be covered by health insurance. The coverage should include unlimited health care, including long-term illness, psychiatric hospital, dental care and should run from your arrival up to and including your departure date.

If you are a student from  an EU/EEA country you need to check with your insurance company at home to verify that you will be covered in the Netherlands for all medical costs without any limitation. Make sure you have proof of this coverage. You may be able to get an European Health Insurance Card from your own national insurance, which you can use in the Netherlands.

Usually the European Health Card will be sufficient for students from EU/EEA countries. However, anyone who wants to work while studying or take a paid internship will need to arrange insurance in the Netherlands. So will students from non-EU countries. For more information check the website: Study in Holland.

Liability and other insurances

Next to coverage for medical expenses, we advise you to insure yourself for liability (= third-party insurance), legal assistance, possession and luggage as well as emergency assistance and repatriation. The International Office can give you advice about insurance packages that can be taken out in the Netherlands.

Insurance for non-EU students

If you are a non-EU student the NHL will arrange a visa and/or a residence permit for you, including a special student insurance package which covers medical expenses, extraordinary costs, legal aid, accidents, liability, baggage cover and household goods. The insurance  complies with the regulations for visa applications in the Netherlands. During the visa procedure  you will receive detailed information about the insurance arrangement. The cost are around € 40 euros a month.


Please be aware, the NHL does not accept any responsibility for damages claimed or medical costs incurred by students.


NHL University of Applied Sciences offers housing for international exchange students through StudentStay.

StudentStay offers fully furnished student rooms all around Leeuwarden. You can find the current offer from StudentStay on the website. You have to register first in order to see the student rooms. If you have any questions concerning your booking, please call StudentStay: +31 58 844 2100.

The rooms are provided with a bed (including mattress), desk with chair, cupboard and bookshelf.

Bed linen is not included in the rent. An optional set of bed linen can be obtained for EUR 69.00 and includes a duvet, a pillow, a duvet cover, a sheet and a towel. You only have to bring your personal belongings and you’re ready to start a wonderful life in Leeuwarden!


The office of StudentStay is situated near the university campus Leeuwarden: Ubbo Emmiuslaan 245, 8917 JC Leeuwarden. The opening hours are from 10.00 hours till 16.00 hours from Monday to Friday.

+31 58 844 2100


Dutch students usually have about € 850 a month to spend on rent, food and entertainment. The rent is about € 300 - € 450 a month. You should allow room in your budget for transportation expenses, for, unlike Dutch students, you will not have a card that will allow you to use the public transportation system for free or at a student discount.

Bank account

There are possibilities to open a Dutch bank account. Please contact the International Office for information and instructions.