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DP Sea time reduction course

The purpose of this course is to give the prospective Dynamic Position Operator reduction in sea time for the following types of vessels:

Platform Supply Vessels (PSV): DP class 1 and 2
Offshore Support Vessels (OSV); DP calss 1, 2 and 3
Fall pipe rock dumping vessels: DP class 1, 2 and

Admission requirements (old scheme)

  • DP Induction Course
  • 30 days familiarization (incl.signature)
  • DP Simulator Course
  • 30 days DP onboard watch keeping experience (incl.signature)

Admission requirements (new scheme, in case you followed the DP Induction course after 1st January 2015)

  • DP Induction Course
  • 60 days familiarization (incl.signature)
  • DP Simulator Course

For more information please view the website of The Nautical Institute 

Course content
The course will be an intensive simulator training of 37,5 hours which will give sea time reduction.  

We are using the following types of DP equipment: Kongsberg k-pos DP2 connected to full mission bridge simulator, Kongsberg SDP3 advanced DP trainer, Kongsberg k-pos stand alone DP systems, L3 stand alone DP system, Navis stand alone DP system, Imtech stand alone DP systems, Praxis stand alone DP system.

Course duration
5 days (Monday morning until Friday morning)

Course fee
2475,- (Exempt from VAT) Excluding travel and subsistence expenses.


Maximum number of participants

The simulator and the training program have been designed in accordance with the provisions of the international guidelines approved by the IMO as published by the International Marine Contractors Association. The course is Nautical Institute compliant and approved. Upon successful completion of the course a certificate will be issued.

Course schedule

Week Date Year
19 04-08 May 2015
21 18-22 May 2015
23 01-05 June 2015
26 22-26 June 2015
28 06-10 Juli 2015
36 31 August-04 September 2015
37 07-11 September 2015
38 14-18 September 2015
40 28 September-02 October 2015
45 02-06 November 2015
46 09-13 November 2015
49 30 November-04 December 2015
50 07-11 December 2015
51 14-18 December 2015